Producer, Mixer, Engineer for Hire

As a recording engineer and mixer specializing in rock, hip hop and pop music, I am available to work at the studio of your choice. I can also suggest a variety of places in the greater Los Angeles area to fit your needs and budget. I am proficient in both analog and digital environments and I am confident that we can realize the sounds that are brewing in your head no matter where we work. Please take a listen to some examples of my work on the Home page. If you aren’t ready to leave this page, you can click here for the pop out music player.

Magic Gadget, Culver City, CA

In addition, I can mix your project EVEN IF YOU AREN”T IN LA! I have a home studio, Magic Gadget Studio, with a full Protools HD rig where I can mix and tweak your recordings to perfection! Magic Gadget is also available to locals looking to procure my services at a reasonable rate. Please check out the Gear page to see what is available or you can check out some pictures of the spot on my Facebook Fan Page.

Editing, Pocketing, Tuning

With thousands of hours of applied practice on my own projects, as well as my own background as a musician, I am your man if you are a producer, engineer or musician who needs the extra help tightening up your projects. Some times we need to delegate in order to meet a deadline or maybe real tweaky editing isn’t your thing... Either way, I can very affordably help you put drums in place, give the bass player a more consistent pocket and very naturally tune your vocal performances to pitch perfect flawlessness.

Voiceover Recording and Editing for Commercials, Audio Books, Web Content

If you need voice recording I can either come to you with my portable studio equipment or you can enjoy the comfort of recording with me at my home studio, Magic Gadget Studio. Scripted or unscripted, I can provide you with raw audio files or finished, publishable product.

Examples of Voice Over Editing:

Selina Maitreya’s The View From Here
(free chapter available for download on this page)

Selina hired me to edit her multi-chapter lecture on guiding photographer’s through the A toZ of running an independent freelance business. The original recording she sent was 16 hours in total and the final product, with the addition of music at the top and end of each chapter ended up being around 11 hours. The trick on my part was to maintain Selina’s personality and charm while removing pauses, redundancy and mouth artifacts. Equalization and dynamic compression were used to help increase the intelligibility of the orignal recordings.

Centex Radio Commercial

Commissioned by One Eighteen Advertising in West Los Angeles, I recorded the voice over and assembled the elements for this short run commercial. Music was supplied by The Music Bakery.

Reservoir Dogs Revisited

A televsion documentary on the release and impact of Reservoir Dogs that featured the disembodied voice of Steven Wright which I recorded at Blue Jay in Carlisle, MA. The interview was conducted over the phone. I had Steven in the control room with a speaker phone and a microphone and then supplied the audio files to the production company for editing.

More examples to come...