My career started at the end of an era in music production. Analog was still king and people still bought music. So I have glimpsed the briefest of windows of when times were good and have witnessed the endless analysis and excuses people have made to explain the industry’s decline. I have been known, from time to time, to weigh in my own opinion which has given me the opportunity to talk about this concern with a variety of people. I am not interested in wasting space examining all of these opinions. However, in light of the current state of the industry, this basic question remains:

Why make music?

The only answer that makes any sense to me anymore is because it feels good. This is also the answer to what I consider the reciprocal question: Why listen to music? However, in our endless question for multi-media distraction and for developing shorter and shorter attention spans, I feel that most people would answer:

Because I can...

The implications of this are simple. Music has become background noise. Listening to music used to require an action like attending a concert or cueing up a record. This also required an investment in time. Now we can skip the songs we don’t like. The ease of access, from the internet to ipods, has put modern music in the realm of the soundtrack we have when we do other things. This is not the way to experience music.

Music should be an experience onto itself. The act of listening should feel good! The listener should be able to feel the performances and react to the song.

With recording, this starts with the song and ends with the mix. Making an album, recording, mixing and production is about maximizing the listeners experience. Squeezing every last bit of juice out so that the experience of listening can’t be denied. Armed with this perspective, I will bring honesty and candor as a professional and a listener to the process. I will make every mic placement and fader ride count.

We may not be able to reverse bad listening habits over night but we can start by making the best music we can.